Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Labyrinth of the Black Sun

The third day of Foculchstar in the fourth year of Gostul the Just

Overheard men in Villisport speaking of an abandoned Black Sun temple in the Amber Pine mountains.

Found the temple easily. It was made of a shining black granite stone reaching 60 feet into the sky. The temple is open to the air, and in the center is a dried out fountain. Four staircases on each side of the fountain lead to a basement.

At the south end of the basement a stone golem, simple creature, guards a door to a room of crumbling scrolls and ledgers. He was designed to attack anyone crossing a line in the floor.  An item of mild interest on the wall would heal him four to five times a day were he to be damaged. The simple golem did mange to keep the vermin of this abandoned temple out of the scroll room. The scrolls were of little interest on the whole, but one of them was the map to the entrance of a Labyrinth designed to protect something of great value to these ancient Black Sun worshippers.

The Fifth day of Foculchstar the in fourth year of Gostul the Just

The Labyrinth has proven difficult. It has the power to suppress even my powerful abilities and magics, and damaging the stone walls of the labyrinth is an exercise in futility as they simply repair themselves.  I was still able to teleport out at will, but not in.  In the labyrinth are pedestals which hold ornate masks carved or formed from a yellow gemstone. Touching the mask teleports you to another pedestal in another part of the labyrinth. This would be easier if the minotaurs would stop trying to attack me.

Reached the center of the labyrinth which leads to small a chamber beneath.  Heading south leads to a hall of traps.  Eight doors five of which were trapped. Reached the final chamber and discovered two massive black granite golems.  They wore a larger version of the masks found on the pedestals in the Labyrinth. The "Black Sun" was nothing more than a sphere of annihilation. The lesser golems kept trying to grab me and place me in it.  I did notice that four central columns exerted a will on the sphere to move it to help the lesser golems.

The search for Gadeon continues.

The Path through the labyrinth
  • 4-LL to 41-Z
  • 37-P to 6-R
  • 21-S to 6-U
  • 30-X to 21-LL
  • 10-FF to 16-I
  • 11-I to 21-U
Touching any other pedestal teleports them using the Teleport Table below.
Teleport Table
This table will never teleport you to 22-U, which is the entrance to the Chamber of the Black Sun.
If you don't want the players to know the teleports are random make the rolls ahead of time and write them down on a piece of paper.
2d6 1
4-LL 30-X 36-II 24-T 16-M 21-I
6-LL 10-FF 10-V 34-B 2-N 22-B
36-GG 0-KK 25-O 32-B 24-F 23-O
2-U 24-FF 20-DD 16-E 23-O 25-OO
37-P 28-AA 31-V 4-D 26-M 41-B
21-S 30-LL 40-OO 11-BB 35-T 25-Q

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