Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tome Time

On the 11th day of Mot in the fourth year of Gostul the Just
I picked up the most curious book today titled A History of Gadeon. Having never seen such a tome before I studied it in depth. It was heavily annotated and cross referenced. It covered topics known only to Gadeon, Katra, and myself. No author was listed. I put the book safely in my pack to study later. This depth of knowledge of Gadeon can only help me find him sooner.
The next time I opened my pack, the book was gone...

Tome of Claron

This tome has the following properties:
  • Once touched, and as soon as it is out of sight, it will teleport to a new location. It will not teleport while watched or touched. It will always stay on plane.
  • When it teleports to the new location it changes all superficial appearances (size, color, thickness, cover, spine art), but it tries very hard to become like all the books around it.
  • It favors libraries and large collections of books, but any set of books will do.
  • It does not detect as magic for any reason.
  • It only creates content and a title when it is touched for the first time after a teleportation. The title and content will remains static until after it teleports again.
  • The book is always truthful in its content, and is apparently omniscient, but it can and will leave out details. It cannot predict the future.
  • It often disguises itself as an annotated version of the book it is next to with biting, but true, corrections.


There is only one in the known universe.


The majority of learned men and wizards, librarians and tome traders don't even know of the existence of the book. Those that do, mostly believe it is a myth. The handful of believers in the world have a few theories.
  • It was soul trap for a powerful mage. And it worked.
  • The lost journal of the Trickster God Solkul
  • A Spell book that acquired self knowledge.
  • Other theories abound...

Book of Ashes

As each page is read it crumbles into ashes. Trying to copy the book, by any means, instantly destroys it.


Common in secret societies.


Once the book is written it is infused through ritual with the essence of salamander. On completion of that ritual it is left in the sun for 7 hours.

Golem Primer of Kurrn

This primer on stone golem creation for young wizards is widely known among practitioners as being faulty. If the young would be golem creator follows the instructions as written they will fail every time. They are often given the book as a prank. If a would be golemist tries to use the book and wants to overcome its deficiency have them roll on the following list.
  1. They create a golem generator which will spit out one golem per round. Their goal is to kill their creator. Killing the generator kills all generated golems.
  2. They turn themselves to stone.
  3. They create a lump of clay that will move and moan for 1d10 rounds, then collapse into dust.
  4. They create a wall of stone around themselves.
  5. Nothing happens.
  6. They actually succeed.


Common among certain wizard groups.


Kurrn was a wizard of no renown in their time, and managed to write a terrible primer. So terrible it has been copied many times over.

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